Health & Wellness


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The co-founder of Seniors Health and Wellness incorporated my company in to this ministry.  As a health activist that is committed to introducing the latest discoveries required to boost the lifestyle of seniors and others I'm commited to bring this information to this website. 

The concepts that are introduced are that which would lead to cost-saving decisions as compared to popular recommendations that lack adequate research.

More so, Seniors, health and wellness make it possible for a senior to request for a therapist without heading to a walk-in clinic. The telehealth service of the company makes it possible for seniors to have their needs met without stress remotely.

About half of old adults are considered to be at the risk of malnutrition, which means seniors are prone to the diseases associated with malnutrition. Therefore, we take pride in providing the required guidance to seniors about their health. 

Seniors Health and Wellness believe that the balance of your health and wellness is what matters most. Therefore, Senior Care Groups and Senior Living Groups can maximize the opportunity provided by Seniors Health and Wellness.  

Wel also what to note that every one can benifit from the resources provide here at Health & Wellness branch of Sharing the Faith Ministry.

Lawrence A. Cogo